Software ICSPMS

  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 04.02.4 available (26.01.2023)

    Changelog to version 4.01
  • added: option in Omron to read bit memory in blocks (limited to first 255 Bits of each track)
  • added: in production window will be displayed which module is in reset process
  • added: job process progress bar
  • added: number of active records in a module can be removed if there are any envelopes destroyed
    and/or removed in an enveloper module which is not software controlled. Valid for all modules
    behind a Sealer/Enveloper module like ICS Sorter or BISCO Scale module
  • added: controlling for BISCO Scale
  • added: database configuration accepts 0 records in ODBC connection tables/views by giving a
    warning message
  • added: in database configuration windows variables in querys will be ignored so that connections are
    opened without query
  • added: Max. ODBC Connections can be modified/set in global setting menu
  • added: new parameter in global settings to enable always reset Job Counter on Job Start to start
    always with first record again. This is important if there is an ODBC connection and a query which is
    looking for a configured ProcessStatus
  • modified: handling of Cream card reader Read Response
  • modified: MultiChip auto assignment modified/improved so that system do not refill next station
    before actual station is assigned with a reader
  • modified: Opening of COM-Port and their timeout settings
  • modified: Reset Timeout for ICM2000/ICM3000 from 30s to 45s extended
  • modified: ODBC database is scanned only on Job start in production window to avoid multiple
    opening and closing of ODBC database to accelerate Job starting
  • fixed: deadlock in production window if an error occurs during finish. Exit button was not serviced
    because Flag bFinish was still set
  • fixed: non-pcl database configuration now accepts fix texts without any format stored in a plain TXT
    file (file name should not be *.pcl, *.prn, *.bin)

    Changelog to version 4.01
  • fixed: sometimes wrong use of ODBC select statement SELECT COUNT (*) instead of SELECT COUNT(*)

    Changelog to version 4.01.1
  • fixed: if Parameter <Reset record range on job start> is set postponed record counter must be
  • fixed: barcode string do not have to be converted if UTF8 coding is set
  • fixed: if SetProcessStatus is configured check on already set is done by requesting the real database
    and not the taken snapshot version is use

    Changelog to version 4.01.2
  • added: mag+chip comparison is also valid of only the ATR of the chip has to bee read
  • added: new field type Process Timestamp
  • added: new parameter in Doublechip configuration <wait for selective Feeder No> and <Request
    selective feeder no>
  • added; new parameter in Omron <Request selective feeder no>
  • added: new parameter in global setting <machine configuration directory> and <database
    configuration directory>
  • added: new parameter in global setting <enable open logfile in production window>
  • added: screen log file now in RTF-format
  • added: mailmarge or non-mailmerge can be choosen by creating a new database configuration
  • fixed: if ProcessStatus is configured in a mailing configuration Job will not be finshed because wrong
    detection of no further records available
  • fixed: if RecordSet accesses a second field which is in order before the previous one an ODBC-Error
    is avoided by sending RecordSet Command SetRowsetCursorPosition before accessing second
  • fixed: Barcode calculation / printing if barcode string is a wchar string
  • fixed: parameter <enable always reset Job Counter on Job Start> working in non-ODBC databases
    as well
  • fixed: working in Perso-Mode in combination with non-ODBC database leads into error database
    cannot be opnened because it was still open
  • fixed: multichip perso mode with non-ODBC database no record was fetched because the section wich
    was fetching the records was not executed
  • fixed: omron control for data comparision as first module

    Changelog to version 4.02
  • fixed: directory configuration selection for machine- and database configuration
  • fixed: New Thread for writing ProcessStatus and ProcessCounter is waiting until previous writing
    thread is finished if there is only one database connection for writing available (ODBC max
    connection < 18)

    Changelog to version 4.02.1
  • added: security update for SetProcessCounter and SetProcessStatus if ODBC database connections
    are limited
  • added: new global Parameter DisableResetAfterFinish
  • added: new global Parameter SetProcessStatusNotBusy
  • added: function ICM1500Deinit and ICM3000Deinit to teminate steering threads
  • modified: GetLogFileField is limited to 4096 Tchar for function Add2ProtocollFile
  • fixed: max ODBC Connection value iMaxODBCConnections and bMaxODBCConnections mixed-up
  • fixed: a barcode is not been calculated if BarcodeLength == 0 → WordMergeField remains empty if
    there is no data for the barcode
  • fixed: if RecordNo == 0 no data is fetched from the database to avoid ODBCError
  • fixed: If LogFileField is set data is fetched from database only if ODBCConnection is open
  • fixed: CompareField is cleared for inseting next card if enhanced steering is activated in Omron or
    DoubleChip module

    Changelog to version 4.02.2
  • fixed: security update for SetProcessStatus if ODBC database connections are limited

    Changelog to version 4.02.3
  • fixed: GetRealProcessStatus now similar to GetRealProcessCounter → no ODBC Error with wrong
    cursor status if a query is executed on database which could cause to remove records from
    database if value is modified