Software ICSPMS

  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 04.07.2 available (18.04.2024)

    Changelog to version 4.07.1
  • added: card turn Option 180° for ICM3000
  • added: Option “auto transport mode” for Module type <fast envelope transport> to increase throughput without encoding
  • fixed: in match-mode with printer as sheet feeder sheet reject will let send a FF to printer to keep number of sheets in system correct

    Changelog to version 4.07
  • added: card turn option CW for ICM3000

    Changelog to version 4.06.3
  • added: FIES-Module reset one device in error condition is disabled if Insert-Module with personalized inserts is enabled
  • added: latest ErrorCodes for FIES-Module
  • added: now every job configuration, machine configuration and database configuration which is loaded is logged
  • added: new item WarningWindow → can be activated in ICSPMS.INI
  • added: new parameter <match mode with database> for ICM1500 and ICM2000/ICM3000
  • modified: FIES-Module Insert ErrorCode 30 and Enveloper ErrorCode 19 will be displayed in separate threads to let other Modules of FIES-Channel continue working.

    Changelog to version 4.06.2
  • fixed: PCl-file loading in PCL-Mode with extensions *.raw, *.pcl, *.prn (only x86 released)

    Changelog to version 4.06.1
  • fixed: ICSPMS.INI is only stored if operator is pressing save button in global parameter menu

    Changelog to version 4.06
  • fixed: 8s deadlock removed on Job finishing
  • fixed: external chip control multi-threading issue
  • added: function use data from previous device if second card data should be read to verify it is coded
  • added: new file path for APDU files
  • modified: Update Process Status if card has been ejected in MultiChipControl in case of enhanced steering and “separating error” or “end of cards”