Software ICSPMS

  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 04.08 available (18.06.2024)

    Changelog to version 4.07.6
  •  fixed: CL7000 error message on reply to command 09
  • fixed: windows for machine configuration, database configuration, database mailmerge configuration, ICP1000 double chip configuration, ICM1500 configuration and ICM2000/ICM3000 configuration are now resizable and have scroll bars if needed.
  • fixed: FIES-Module double error messages
  • added: FET-Module chip offset positon is adjustable

    Changelog to version 4.07.5
  • fixed: FIES-Module all send data parts are now embedded in critical sections because error message 19 / 30 could be active in separate threads to avoid threading problems

    Changelog to version 4.07.4
  • fixed: ICM1500 match-mode BarcodePtr now always reset on jobstart

    Changelog to version 4.07.3
  • modified: MultiChip Contact Delay now treated as MultiChip-ConnectTimeout
  • modified: comparison errors in FIES-Module software takes care on commands from previous module during displaying error message
  • fixed: In FIES-module threading problem if more than one FIES-thread are active and trying to access COM-Port in the same time
  • fixed: Function PrinterInit takes care whether printer is really required to avoid “Printer Offline” message if no printer is used

    Changelog to version 4.07.2
  • fixed: FIES-Module Reset one device

    Changelog to version 4.07.1
  • added: card turn Option 180° for ICM3000
  • added: Option “auto transport mode” for Module type <fast envelope transport> to increase throughput without encoding
  • fixed: in match-mode with printer as sheet feeder sheet reject will let send a FF to printer to keep number of sheets in system correct

    Changelog to version 4.07
  • added: card turn option CW for ICM3000