Software ICSPMS

  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 04.04.5 available (25.08.2023)

    Changelog to version 4.04
  • added: visual print order flow control of printed records and records which are in pipeline to be
  • modified: maximum field length increased from 64 to 256 characters
  • added: two more parameters for smoother printing

    Changelog to version 4.04.1
  • modified: F.I.E.S- timeout increased from 10 to 32 s
  • modified: Belt filling 0 means no warning (Bisco scale+Sorter control)

    Changelog to version 4.04.2
  • fixed: barcode generation for code128 - string incorrect truncated
  • added: New ICSPMS.INI-parameter EnableContinueICM3000LabelError

    Changelog to version 4.04.3
  • fixed: all “FIES. ...” messages changed in “F.I.E.S.: …”
  • fixed: in case of abortion cards/sheets in Sorter, Scale and Belt QA will not be counted as be in card
    Reject bin
  • fixed: Sorter-, Bisco scale- and F.I.E.S-control will be terminated if steering is in a while loop for
    getting an order whlie operator has terminated the job because of an error in a different module
  • fixed: Parameter fEnableAutoMatchMode in function ICM3000WaitForCardReject will be observed

    Changelog to version 4.04.4
  • fixed: COM-receive Timeout after receiving CR but not LF
  • fixed: If Batch-ID is enabled job will not be started if operator aborts editing the Batch-ID
  • added: new function to terminate all running Module threads after job abortion

    Changelog to version 4.04.5
  • fixed: Parameter fEnableAutoMatchMode in function ICM3000WaitForCardReject will be observed in second software section too
  • added: sheet feeder message <double sheet> will displayed now in an error message box and on screen in progress window in red coloured text
  • added: all hidden settings are now displayed under global settings
  • added: new global parameter <new affixer paper transport>
  • changed: parameter <mail merge as default> is disabled now because operator can choose for a new database configuration between <mail merge> and <no-mail merge>
  • changed: BISCO SCALE Reset timeout after command 36 increased from 12 to 25s to avoid timeout if reset takes longer than expected