Software ICSPMS

  • Version 01.17.1 is now EOL
  • Update to Unicode Version 02.10 available (31.01.2019)

    Changelog to version 2.09.8:
  • scroll and resize function in production window fixed (win10 only)
  • functionality write card card info back fixed in Omron module
  • F.I.E.S channel enhancement is working now
  • ODBCFieldType integer will be converted first from string to integer and then back to string again to
    avoid displaying and printing content f.e. “123456.0” while using an excel odbc connection
  • new printer type “external PrinterDLL” in <global settings> <printer>
  • new database configuration for using external PrinterDLL
  • new option <auto reject if PIN inspection failed>
  • new option <record order reversed> by using feature <card info write back>
  • DOC-file field could contain only filename. In this case software adds full path and extension of sample-DOC-file.
    If content is empty the sample DOC-file is used
  • ICM3000 machine configuration properties: new parameter scratch-off width and height and offset
    position is now given upper edge of label instead of lower edge of label
  • word field type MERGEBARCODE is now recognized and selectable
  • new option <auto assign> in MS mailmerge configuration. Identical database field names and
    mailmerge field names will be assigned automatically
  • bug fixed in function <VerifyRecordData> by using csv dtabases