Software ICSPMS

  • Version 01.17.1 is now EOL
  • Version 02.13  is now EOL
  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 03.06.5 available (05.02.2021)
    Changelog to version 3.00
  • changing IDE to VS 2019
  • x86 and x64 versions available
  • controlling of modules in separate threads

    Changelog to version 2.13
    Changelog to version 3.01
  • FIES-module steering fixed for working with more than 1 sheets per record and without sheet collator
  • cards can be affixed now not only on the first carrier

    Changelog to version 3.02
  • Resizing Production window fixed
  • speed issue solved in ICM1500/ICM3000: Function SetProcessCounter was embedded in a critical
    section which could take more than 1 second in ODBC connection with higher amount of data records (> 40000)
  • loading job for ODBC connection improved
  • database configuration is now based on a remain opened ODBC Connection (faster looking through data records)
  • new implementation of customer production report sheet
  • PS/SC control: fixed thread is blocking continuing job processing if card could not be contacted
  • function NumericInput is supporting input of two different values now
  • function CommandWaitPassBy in DoubleChipControl, OmronControl and RinasControl was not setting Ready-Bit to TRUE
    after Command has been passed by → all previous modules were blocked
  • fetching data from database in one subroutine
  • a progress bar is displayed during opening an ODBC-Connection and while retrieving the number of records of an
    ODBC-Connection because both could take about 30 seconds by high amount of data records

    Changelog to version 3.03
  • PC/SC multi-threading issue solved
  • ODBC database scanning / loading improved
  • better overview in global setting window by grouping items
  • used Windows OS Build will be reported in the log file after login
  • On changing System Settings actual file ICSPMS.INI will be renamed ICSPMSxxxx.INI, while xxxx is a 4 digit counter
  • Now, Last loaded Job is stored in File LastJob.TXT

    Changelog to version 3.04
  • Function Update ProcessCounter is shifted into a separate thread for ODBC databases with high
    amount a data records to improve system performance
  • running PC/SC-Thread is now finished in PCSCDeInit-Function
  • Amica-Module ODBC-Data handling fixed – buffer termination for sending data was not set correctly
    which lead into send not correct data
  • Function ResetJobCounter needs to read number of database records again, because after job
    finshed Number of Records was set to 0
  • PinInspection: processing only 1 sheet is now working because in SheetPrinterControl now
    CardChannelData.SheetFilled =1 until next module has recognized the sheet command
  • All addition modules are terminated correctly (thread termination) by calling DeInit function
  • PinInspection control fixed – thread function pointer was set to DoubleChip function

    Changelog to version 3.05
  • Fixed: PAN masking
  • Fixed: mdb-files via odbc connections are working again
  • Fixed: Amica-Module will receive correct terminated RS232-commands
  • Fixed: CL7000 steering
  • Fixed: UTF16 support for CSV files
  • Fixed: Multi-Threading issue Datalogic Barcode scanner DS2x00A
  • Fixed: setting of dbaseFieldstruct.FieldLength from Byte to WORD length lead into wrong length if field type was <double> in dbaseIV files
  • Fixed: If length of database field > 65535 data will be truncated
  • Fixed: Resizing Production Window if MaxScreen<ProductionWindow
  • Fixed: refresh of 1st record and number of records to be processed if new database is selected
  • Fixed: content of Field Block / Section will be kept unchanged if Field type / is barcode or Field name is changed
  • Modified: error messages will be written into log-file before displaying and ODBC error messages will be combined with actual record-no in use
  • Modified: Selection of ODBC-Tables via database type, catalog, Schema and table type
  • Modified: Search function in Database configuration
  • Modified: StartDoc/StartPage and Data will be executed undependent whether a free buffer is available but EndPage / EndDoc only if a buffer is free
    → printing could be faster
  • Modified: some cosmetic changes in some config menus
  • New: Process-Status added and configurable in a new tab in <system>
  • New: Process-Status can be written into database if configured
  • New: PAN masking now in non mail merge configuration possible
  • New: Perso-Mode for PCSC-Configuration
  • New: Perso-Mode for External-DLL-Configuration
  • New: DoubleChip, Omron, Rinas – defining number of cards to process
  • New: Chinese simplified language support
  • New: Perso-Field
  • New: retrieving number of records in ODBC database now via SQL-Statement (much more faster)
  • New: Password in ODBC-Connection-String is stored and displayed hidden

    Changelog to version 3.05.1
  • Fixed: PAN masking in non mail merge configuration non-pcl printing mode
  • New: support of arabic, urdu, polish, romanian, swedish, serbian, czech, thai, malaysian, hindi, filipino
    and farsi language
  • New: Channel 0 of BL1300 barcode scanner can be configured with the needed barcode type

    Changelog to version 3.05.2
  • New: communication with amica inkjet via TCP/IP socket
  • New: ICM3000 machine configuration parameter <new paper transport>
  • Fixed: Reset Job Counter in Sheet Printing mode
  • Fixed: Counting of Processed Records in Only Sheet Printing Mode in ICM1500 + ICM3000
  • Fixed: DatabaseConfiguration Window was not refreshed after getting focus again
  • Fixed: Multi document printing per record in mail merge mode
  • Fixed: WriteProcessCounter in dbaseIV or ASCII database if format is non-unicode

    Changelog to version 3.05.3
  • fixed: end of labels in ICM1500/ICM2000/ICM3000 will not let into abortion if user presses ignore
    message until next job start

    Changelog to version 3.05.4
  • fixed: external DLL chip reading modified for proscard32.dll. chipreader name is handle over as a
    character string instead of TCHAR

    Changelog to version 3.06
  • fixed: Multi document printing per record in mail merge mode. The merged document was deleted
    before the last page was printed
  • fixed: In PCL print mode data of next sheet is not pre-loaded anymore if no further free buffer is
    available because of formfeed timeout of several printers
    → printer starts automatically printing the data after formfeed timeout while formfeed itself was not sent
    → paper jam because this sheet could not be overtaken by the machine
  • fixed: problem solved if just after starting the finish button was pressed. A inserted card during finish
    to reset delay was not processed correctly
  • fixed: variable and fixed print data fields in PCL-mode will not create an error message “no printable
    field defined”
  • modified: ICM1500/ICM2000/ICM3000 now job is finished only after sheet has been processed in
    output module as well
  • new: Amica steering mode real time job via TCP/IP
  • new: flip symbol in production window added if a module has a steering option for flipping and flipping
    is activated

    Changelog to version 3.06.1
  • added: Rinas magstripe reader write/read retry if card could not be read or encoded

    Changelog to version 3.06.2
  • fixed: ICM1500 / ICM3000 have not taken care if following module is busy and and have maybe
    overwritten command / record info if previous command / record info was still in process
  • fixed: BL13000 debug-file is not divided into two separate files anymore
  • fixed: FIES-Module module reset behavior within job running for multi-threading purpose modified
  • fixed: PCL print mode printing is executed again
  • fixed: ICM1500/ICM2000/ICM3000 finishing job only if output module is also empty

    Changelog to version 3.06.3
  • fixed: if a configured ProcessCounter is not existing in database or length of data is zero the job will
    be aborted

    Changelog to version 3.06.4
  • fixed: SheetNoOfCards is now working correct if printer is in duplex mode
  • fixed: MailMerge Database configuration preview will use the correct doc-file if configured
  • new: if a job is finished because end of card the finish button in production window is disabled now

  • Changelog to version 3.06.5
  • fixed: some settings moved from FIES-module setting to FIES-module init to avoid blocking
    production thread
  • fixed: FIES-module barcode comparison window is displaying all card records which are in the paper
  • new: if a job is finished because end of card the finish button in production window is disabled now