Software ICSPMS

  • Update to Unicode Version x86 and x64 03.08.3 available (15.04.2021)

    Changelog to version 3.07
  • fixed: some ODBC database accesses were not embedded in critical sections to avoid multiple
    access at same time
  • fixed: ICM2000/3000 is finishing job only after sheet has been processed in output module as well
  • fixed: creating a machine configuration with ICM2000 module lead into false storage of 2nd module
    device type
  • fixed: access to ASCII databases where first row has to be ignored
  • new: ICM2000/3000 machine configuration new parameter normal, long or short card
  • new: ODBC database access accelerated

    Changelog to version 3.08
  • fixed: parallel ODBC accesses with slow database connections and/or slow CPUs
  • fixed: if job is aborted after an error message ICM3000/ICM1500 module threads will remain in
    working process until all incoming COM-port data has been fetched
  • fixed: GetRealProcessCounter and GetRealProcessStatus are accessing database via new recordset
    only if no additional query is used on the database
  • modified: ICM1500/ICM3000 machine configuration window
  • modified: if string fetch from language file results into an empty string the english message will be
    used instead
  • modified: if a Omron command could not be executed within a time peroid it is possible to continue
    after displaying the error message
  • new: in Amica configuration there will be the possibility to set the separator character
  • new: ICSPMS.INI file is stored in UCS-2 LE-BOM format if data contains unicode characters

    Changelog to version 3.08.1
  • fixed: F.I.E.S. module error handling
  • modified: database configuration window wrong font size fixed
  • modified: Double chip configuration window displaying card stop position
  • modified: CL7000 configuration displaying sheet/card layout
  • modified: workaround for Amica Inkjet to be able to print a ‘;’ while semicolon is fix as field separator
    and could still not be changed in MagicPage software

    Changelog to version 3.08.2
  • fixed: if log-file could be opened for writing only on 2nd attempt job was automatically aborted
  • fixed: word preview could failed if word was terminated external
  • fixed. Job loading with ODBC connection was not displaying actual number of records correctly
  • added: F.I.E.S. messages for multi-language support

    Changelog to version 3.08.3
  • fixed: Matchmode is finishing correctly now because a card reject invokes automatically deleting an
    internal sheet order
  • fixed: F.I.E.S-module control is working correct if a sheet collector is installed directly in front of the folder
  • fixed: if function SQLGetInt failed software now is stopping opening ODBC Connection
  • fixed: function ScanJobData crashed if ODBC Connection string length exceeds 260 characters
  • modified: if data length exceeds 512 characters for printing on Amica inkjet in real-time mode job will be aborted
  • modified: PC/SC-Control connected to card in share mode and if error 0x8010000B return it
    connected to card in exclusive mode
  • modified: some internal buffer increased to avoid buffer overflow